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School Sport

School Sport is the structured learning that takes place beyond the curriculum (i.e. in the extended curriculum) within school settings; this is sometimes referred to as out-of-school-hours learning. Again, the context for the learning is physical activity. The ‘school sport’ programme has the potential to develop and broaden the foundation learning that takes place in physical education. It also forms a vital link with ‘community sport and activity’. School sports is also the part of the PE curriculum where students take part in competitions. These can be Level 1 competitions (Intra school - within the same school) or Level 2 competitions (inter school - against other schools). Matches against other schools can take place throughout the year (Level 2) or at the end of each unit of study and/or term (Level 1 competition).

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Furness Football team meets Richard Langley, ex QPR Football plaeyr for a Q&A

The new Football team had the chance to play a friendly match against St Mary’s which has given children a greater insight into inter schools competitions so they can grow and develop as students, players and people. Children also had the chance to acquire new skills and improve existing ones so that they can reach greater achievements. Aside from the football match, children had the opportunity to meet Richard Langley, ex QPR football player, for a Q&A where they learnt about his journey as professional player. All of this fits into the Football heritage program which aims to inspire and enrich children with both knowledge and skills. Thank you to Stephanie Patterson for accompanying the team and to Nassir Mir and Mr Amir Katir for their support during the match.

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