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Sports Premium

We couldn't be more excited about the government stance on mantaining the same level of sports funding for schools this academic year. This will enable us to keep up the good work so that even more students can access more opportunities, and improve existing ones. Children will be even more inspired, develop their sporting skills further and will be even more motivated to take part in sport therefore creating sustainable and healthier habits for life. 

Sports Premium 2021-2022

Swimming Data 2019 (data from 2020 and 2021 was not obtained due to Covid-19)

No data is available from last year due to School closure. According to Swim England (Swimming Governing Body in England):

  • "Only 42 per cent of children and young people with a low family affluence score can swim 25 metres unaided".
  • "Only 45 per cent of children and young people going to school in the most deprived areas of the country can swim 25 metres".

We are please to say that Furness is above the average (data below) due to the amount of investment in swimming.

All Year 6 students were trained in water safety skills including:

  • Treading water
  • Swimming with clothes on
  • Performing rescues
  • Safe jumps

All Students have received training on how to swim effectively on three different strokes:

  • Frontcrawl
  • Backstroke
  • Breastroke


Sports Premium Evaluation 2020-2021

Some of the Sports Funding received was carefully invested in projects, ideas, initiatives and programmes aimed at supporting the full development of the children's maximum potential. The focus was to improve the PE curriculum offered taking into account all the changes which helped achieved our targets of skills developement and students's mental health and general well being under the recovery curriculum plans. Due to school closure and Covid-19 restrictions last academic year, it was not possible to fully achieve our investments in PEPASS (Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sport). Some funds have been carried over to this year. See Sport Premium 2021-2022 document here for more details

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