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Awards and Achievements


Spelling Bee Finalists

Spelling Bee finalists

Big Walk and Wheel (Nationwide competition)

Furness is on the move! Our community has enthusiastically embraced the Big Walk and Wheel challenge, and it's Rousseau and Da Vinci leading the charge. These spirited classes are setting the pace, inspiring us all to step up and stride towards healthier, more active lives. Join the movement, track your steps, and let's see Furness shine in this friendly competition. Lace up those walking shoes and wheel on, Furness – together, we're making every step count!

Big walk and Wheel resultsBig Walk and Wheel Totals (1)

House Points

House points is one of the systems Furness uses to reward children. Amongst others, this system taps into the notion of rewarding children for positive contributions in and out of class in differnet areas of achievement as well as sportsmaship. Classes are split into 5 houses: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Orange. Children respond really well and it is a healthy way to compete between teams/groups/tables in different areas and not just academically.

Students usually get:

1 house point if they do well in any particular area  

house points if they are really good 

house points if they are exceptional.

House Points Results
cycle to school week

Cycle to School Results

CTS 23
Be bright be seen
Active  Travel

Active travel winners 2022-2023

Children are encouraged to travel to school on the bikes and scooters. The child with most active journeys per class at the end of the academic year wins a medal.

Active travel winners

Congratulations to our Active Travel Champions! You've conquered the journey on scooter or bike, embracing a healthier lifestyle and a greener planet. Your commitment to active travel not only benefits your well-being but also contributes to a more sustainable future. Keep moving, keep winning, and inspire others to join the journey towards a healthier, happier, and eco-friendly world! You're the true champions of change


BSW 2023 Poster competition Finalists

BSW finalists

The Big Walk and Wheel 2023

BW&W 2023 winnersBig walk and Wheel results

Well done to Picasso for winning The Big Walk and Wheel 2023 competition. This is an initiative that encourages people to walk, bike, or roll instead of driving a car for short trips. The goal is to promote active transportation and reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and carbon emissions. Walking and biking are great forms of exercise that can improve physical and mental health. They also help to reduce traffic on the roads, making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, active transportation is an environmentally-friendly alternative to driving, as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps to protect the environment. The Big Walk and Wheel encourages everyone to get involved, regardless of age or ability. It's an opportunity to explore your community on foot or bike, and discover new places you may not have noticed before. It's also a chance to connect with your neighbours, and work together to create a safer and more sustainable community. By participating in the Big Walk and Wheel, we can help to make a positive impact on your health, the environment, and your community. So why not leave your car at home for short trips, and join the movement towards active transportation?

KID - Kid Inventor's Day

Pupils across the school participated in the annual celebration of Kid Inventors Day, which is an exciting opportunity for school children to showcase their creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills. The children were challenged to come up with their own unique inventions to tackle real-world issues they identified. This celebration allows them to tap into their natural curiosity and turn their ideas into tangible products. With the support and encouragement of their teachers and parents, pupils designed and built models of their very own inventions, giving them the chance to bring their dreams to life. Kid Inventors Day is a wonderful way to celebrate the next generation of innovators and inspire young minds to continue thinking outside the box and make a positive impact on the world.  This year, we received a huge number of entries; judging the winners was very difficult!  Well done to everyone who entered, and a special well done to our winners:


EYFS Winner – Hnan Alfrouh

KS1 Winner – Ya’qub Khelifi

LKS2 Winner – Mia Schlesinger

UKS2 Winner – Tomas Knoblich

Outstanding Effort – Ayman Rezzoug

Overall Winner – Amir Kassem​

Active Travel Accreditation

We would like to share with you all that Furness has been awarded a Gold accreditation by TfL in recognition of achievement in sustainable, active, responsible and safe travel. This has only been possible because of your continued support and we would like to say a huge thank you for all your help in promoting active travel within our school community. The role you have been playing has a huge impact in reducing the number of vehicles on the road and that is both good for the environment and our health. Children love cycling and scooting to school which naturally boosts independence, confidence and develops healthy habits for life. We are all feeling very happy and proud for being part of this movement. Thank you.

tfl - Gold

Cycling to School Week

100% Attendance - Prizes

Children with 100% attendance will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a magnificent bicycle at the end of the academic year. Mohamedkhalifa Feggane and Aghiles Ait Chikhoune were the winners in 2022.


Travel to school hands up survey 2023

Walk, Bike, Scooter, Bus, Train… (1)

Lift Off Project

As part of our school celebrations for British Science Week 2022, many pupils entered a national competition - Logo Lift Off - in which they were asked to design a logo for satellites that will be launched from a new UK spaceport next year. 

We were delighted to hear that out of over 10,000 entries, Rion Qamili's logo shone through and he was chosen as one of the shortlisted entries for our region!

As one of the competition's special runners up, Rion received a personalised certificate from the UK Space Agency and special congratulations from the panel of judges - all leading figures in UK space science and technology - well done Rion!

We hope Rion and all the pupils who entered the competition learnt about the key role of small satellites in helping to monitor climate change from space, had fun coming up with their logo designs and have been inspired to keep learning about climate change and space.

Lift off project(2)

Weekly Certificates

Children from each class receive certificates and prizes in recognition of their achievment in a particular field and positive contribution during the week.


IMG_6641certificates - children

Music Awards

We are very proud to announce that Furness has been nominated by Brent Music Service to become a Music Mark school for the 2020/21 academic year.

Thank you Mr Francis for the value placed on music and the commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum


Every term, children receive a certificate and go on the Wall of Fame in Music as an acknowledment for their contribution, commitment and talent in the discipline. 


Sports Awards


In the summer term, children competed against each other in swimming. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both Frontcrawl and Backstroke won medals of achievement 

Swimming Champions

Sports Day

During the last school term, Furness holds an annual Sports Day event where the whole school takes part. This is also a great opportunity for parents to get involved and be part of their children's school life. After the event, medals and certificates were handed out to children in recognition of their effort.

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