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Furness Breakfast Club


Who can Join?

Lessons start at 8.55am Monday to Friday, and children need to be at school and in the playground ready to be greeted by their teachers to start the school day by 8.30am. For some parents this can be difficult due to work and travel commitments.

Furness provides a Breakfast Club which allows parents to drop off their children for breakfast, any day of the week, ensuring that they are on time for school in the mornings as well as allowing parents  to get to their place of work/ appointments on time.

Our club is run by a group of dedicated staff who attend school early each morning to prepare and receive our early comers.

We provide food such as cereal, toast and bagels to get the children's learning off to a good start in the morning. They are then taken to their respective playgrounds by 8.30am to begin their learning day.

As an added bonus, during the week of SATS, we provide free breakfast for all of our Year 6 children to ensure that they are fully fueled for the long week of exams ahead.




If you would like your child to attend the Breakfast Club, please feel free to come into school and enquire at the school office or contact Ms Vincett, who will be more than happy to arrange your child's attendance at our Breakfast Club.

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