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Girls League results 22-23Boys League results 22-23
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It was an exhilarating day for Furness Primary School as both the boys' and girls' football teams secured impressive victories against Maple Walk. The boys' team displayed exceptional teamwork and determination throughout the match. Despite facing a tough opponent, they showcased their skills and strategic play, resulting in two well-executed goals. Their defense stood firm, conceding only one goal to Maple Walk. With their unwavering spirit and solid performance, the Furness boys sealed a memorable 2-1 triumph.

Meanwhile, the Furness girls' team also demonstrated their prowess on the field against Maple Walk. They exhibited exceptional technique and a relentless attacking mindset, which led to two brilliant goals. Their defensive line put up a commendable effort, allowing only one goal from their opponents. With incredible teamwork and individual brilliance, the Furness girls celebrated a hard-fought 2-1 victory.

These victories showcased the dedication, skills, and passion of both the Furness boys' and girls' teams. Their disciplined play, combined with strategic decision-making, contributed to their success against a strong Maple Walk side. The players' commitment to the game and their never-give-up attitude were truly commendable. The victories will undoubtedly boost the confidence of the Furness teams as they continue their journey, leaving a mark in the world of school football.

FvsMW - girls
FvsMW - boys
Football Results
Boys football 2022Girls football 2022

Girls: Furness 2  -  Braintcroft 0 


Boys: Furness 3  -  Braintcroft 1


Big walk and wheel - 4th place in Brent

sustrans-big-walk-and-wheel-banner4th place

Big walk and wheel - Most Active class


Furness 13  -  Harlesden 1

Football girls

Furness 14  -  Harlesden 3


Furness 9  -  St Andrew and St Francis  3

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