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School Packed Lunch Guide for Parents​

Providing a healthy and balanced packed lunch is an important way to support your child's growth and development, and to ensure they have the energy and nutrients they need for a busy day at school. Here are some tips and recommendations for creating a healthy packed lunch for your child:

Include a variety of foods: A healthy packed lunch should include a variety of foods from different food groups. This should include starchy foods such as bread, rice, pasta or potatoes; fruits and vegetables; protein sources such as lean meat, fish, or tofu; and dairy products such as cheese or yogurt. Encourage your child to try new foods and include their favourites.

Limit high-fat and high-sugar foods: Avoid including foods that are high in fat, salt or sugar, such as crisps, biscuits, chocolate and sweets. Instead, opt for healthier snack options such as fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, unsweetened yogurt, or a small portion of cheese.

Avoid processed foods: Highly processed foods such as ready meals and some packaged snacks are often high in fat, salt and sugar, and offer little nutritional value. Avoid these types of foods in your child's packed lunch and instead opt for fresh, homemade meals using whole foods.

Healthy Lunchbox

Sample Packed Lunch Ideas:

Wholemeal sandwich with lean meat, salad and low-fat spread, a piece of fruit, and a small pot of unsweetened yogurt.

Pasta salad with tuna, sweetcorn and vegetables, a mini wholemeal pitta bread, and a handful of cherry tomatoes.

Homemade vegetable and bean soup in a thermos, a wholemeal bread roll, a piece of fruit, and a small piece of cheese.

Homemade vegetable frittata, mixed berries, a wholemeal breadstick, and hummus.


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