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Welcome to Da Vinci/Himid

The Year 6 team would like to extend a very warm welcome to all our Year 6 pupils, parents and guardians in what promises to be a busy and challenging year! On our part, Year 6 is all about helping your child establish very strong routines, independence and the pursuit of academic excellence in their preparation for secondary school.

The highlight of Year 6 ends with their graduation from primary school where we wish them success as they embark on their new adventures into secondary education.


Year 6 Motto


Mr W.B. Holmes 1996             


Our Vision

The hard work and countless hours you have spent as parents and carers modelling empathy and kindness, teaching right from wrong, helping your child learn how to navigate through an increasingly complicated world and spending time to understand who your child is and where he/she is coming from will play a significant role this year. As our children strive for excellence in every aspect of their school life, we know that your continued support will be there to guide them through this this last leg of their primary schooling.

We are truly excited about the coming year and the endless possibilities that it holds. We will strive, as we do each year, to ensure that your children graduate from our school having experienced copious amounts of support, loyalty, respect, independence, responsibilty and above all, a sense of family.

Once again, welcome to Year 6 and we look forward to working with you  and your children throughout the coming year.

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