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Da Vinci - Chinese New Year

Step back in time to a cherished moment at Furness Primary School, where the vibrant energy and exuberance of primary school children took center stage in a delightful Chinese New Year assembly. In days gone by, the young performers brought the rich traditions and festive spirit of the Lunar New Year to life, creating a spectacle that remains etched in the memories of all who witnessed it.

The stage was a tapestry of colors, adorned with handcrafted decorations and symbols representing the essence of Chinese culture. Dressed in traditional attire, the children showcased their talents with infectious enthusiasm, from lively dragon dances to graceful fan routines. Each act was a testament to the students' dedication and the school's commitment to embracing cultural diversity.

In those bygone days, parents, teachers, and fellow students gathered to witness a heartwarming performance that not only entertained but also educated. The assembly served as a time capsule, fostering an appreciation for the beauty of cultural diversity within the school's tight-knit community.

As the curtain fell on that memorable day, Furness Primary School had created a timeless celebration of Chinese New Year, leaving a legacy of unity, understanding, and joy that echoed through the halls of the school for years to come.

Himid - Harvest

In our Harvest assembly, our talented children illuminated the stage with their heartfelt performances, seamlessly blending acting and singing to bring the spirit of the season to life. Parents were treated to a delightful showcase of creativity, as the young stars showcased their hard work and dedication, leaving a lasting impression of joy and community.

Year 2 - Diwali

During our Diwali assembly, our young performers dazzled parents with their spirited acting and soulful singing, capturing the essence of the festival of lights. It was a truly magical celebration, fostering a sense of unity and cultural appreciation as our students showcased the richness of Diwali traditions. Gratitude to all who joined us in making these assemblies unforgettable!"

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