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Week Overview

Dear Year 4, 


We hope you are all well and safe. Please find the work to do over this week and the summer holidays below. ​


You should  complete all the activities in the "things to do box" and revise the Maths we have covered in Autumn and Spring.  You should also go over the report targets, use YouTube and Google to help you with your learning. 


Create a holiday booklet to document your summer holiday, Write diary entries and if possible take pictures and print some to go in holiday diary booklet. Include books read, places visited, programmes watched. 


Challenge task: 

Play one family board game

Play one family card game

Make a fruit salad (take pictures during the process to prove you made it)

Bake a batch of cookies or bake a cake (take pictures during the process to prove you made it)

Read a whole book from beginning to end and write a review

Watch a nature documentary about an endangered animal and write about it. 


Hope you all have a lovely week. 


Kind regards, 


Miss Yengil and Ms Shaw

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