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Week Overview

Exercising and maintaining healthy habits has never been so important, the benefits of exercising daily is well documented and embraces cognitive, physical and social benefits. Your child is going to miss out on a great amount of physical exertion this week by staying at home so please make sure exercise is part of their daily routine.  Please see below some exercise cards that your child should do on a daily basis in order to stay healthy.

Google Classroom

There will be a live lesson at the time when your child is supposed to have PE. Check the Google Classroom platform and then your class Stream for more details on the day. The link for the PE lesson is the same as the link for your daily class work.

This Term...

This term we are learning about Net / Wall Games. We are going to focus on the rules, skills and strategies of each sport within this category of games.

Internet Research

EYFS - Speak to your child about exercise. Ask questions about types of exercise they like. Please go through the exercise cards with you child daily.

KS1 - Children to find out about the rules of Badminton.

KS2 - Children to write about the rules of Badminton.

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