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Welcome to Furness Primary School

Furness Primary School aims to provide a safe and positive atmosphere which stimulates a working environment and where children can achieve high standards through a solid foundation of teaching across a creative and broadly balanced curriculum. We endeavour to provide all of our children with the skills needed to develop positive attitudes, where mutual respect, values and sensitivity are nurtured within a culturally diverse community.



Upcoming Events...

Jeans for genes day

Jeans for Genes Day is held this year from 18th – 24th September. But what is Jeans for Genes Day?

Life-altering Genetic Disorders affect around half a million children in the UK. Jeans for Genes Day is fundraising day for children with genetic conditions in the UK.

On Jeans for Genes day, participating schools and workplaces allow students and staff to wear jeans and casual wear to school and work instead of their usual uniforms and formal workwear. They participate in fundraising by raising money in return for wearing casual wear and by holding events to raise money.

Money raised by Jeans for Genes Day is distributed in an annual grant programme that provides funds to groups and organisations that support children with genetic disorders. One of the main beneficiaries is Genetic Disorders UK, an organisation that supports families affected by genetic disorders.

EDL 2023

On this date we would like to celebrate the linguistic diversity of the Furness community and we´d like parents and carers to play a pivotal role: if you are multilingual and you would like to participate and share your knowledge and experience with our pupils on Thursday 28th or Friday 29th September 2023 please contact Mrs Martínez and let her know.

CSW 2023


Recent Events...

Attendance Assembly 2023 - Bicycle Winners

The upper hall at Furness buzzed with excitement as students and teachers, gathered for a special attendance assembly. It was a day filled with cheers, smiles, and a touch of magic as two remarkable young students, Tomas and Valentina, took center stage. For an entire school year, Tomas and Valentina had displayed unwavering commitment to their education by achieving a flawless 100% attendance record. Their dedication served as an inspiration to all, demonstrating the power of perseverance and the importance of being present in the classroom. As Mr Ansong addressed the eager audience, he commended not only Tomas and Valentina but also every student who had shown exceptional commitment to their education. He emphasized that regular attendance not only benefits individual learning but also strengthens the entire school community. The highlight of the assembly came when Tomas and Valentina were presented with brand-new bicycles, a well-deserved reward for their outstanding achievement. The joy on their faces as they received these shiny, two-wheeled treasures was infectious, spreading throughout the hall.

Attendance Assembly 2023

Graduation class of 2023

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