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‘Inspiring children to succeed’
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Welcome to Furness Primary School - Inspiring children to succeed.
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Welcome to Furness Primary School

Furness Primary School aims to provide a safe and positive atmosphere which stimulates a working environment and where children can achieve high standards through a solid foundation of teaching across a creative and broadly balanced curriculum.  We endeavour to provide all of our children with the skills needed to develop positive attitudes, where mutual respect, values and sensitivity are nurtured within a culturally diverse community.

Attendance –Target 96%              Week Ending 15th March - 97%

It is vital your child attends school every single day, on time.

20% absence is the equivalent to one day’s absence, every week throughout the school year.
20% absence over 5 years is the equivalent to a whole year missed!


At Furness we want every child to succeed and every lesson counts towards your child’s success in future life.  We also know that as your child’s parent/carer, you also want your child to do well in life and get the most from their education.  Children only get one chance at school and your child’s chances of a successful future may be affected by not attending every day or not arriving on time. When children do not attend school or are late they:

· Struggle to keep up with school work

· Miss out on the social side of school life - especially at primary school. Poor attendance can affect a child’s ability to make and keep friendships, a vital part of growing up.

The support of parents is critical in ensuring children achieve in their education – what can you do to help?

· Ensure your child attends school every day and is on time

· Make dental and medical appointments outside of the school day

· Take family holidays during school holidays; no term time holidays will be authorised and families will be fined if they do this

There are only 190 school days per year and we want to see every child at school every day because every school day counts!

Year 2 Trip

 The children in Year One visited St Marks Church on 27th March 2019 to learn about the significance of Easter for those who follow Christianity. They took part in different activities which they thoroughly enjoyed. 

Science Week

Furness Primary School recently celebrated Science Week. Pupils engaged in a variety of stimulating scientific activities including a theatre production of The Big Drip, which explored materials and their properties. An aspect of the week was an open morning where parents were invited into classrooms, to engage and support pupils and teachers in scientific investigations. The week culminated in a whole school assembly, where pupil’s shared example of their investigations, ranging from absorption, chemical reaction and forces.

Year 6 Production

As we are in the season of Lent, Year 6s presented a musical production entitled 'Moses and the Great Escape'.  The production followed the origin of the Passover Celebration as a commemoration of Israel's liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses.

Red Nose Day 2019

Children came to school dressed in red to celebrate Red Nose Day 2019. There was a special celebration assembly linked to Comic Relief and the wonderful work they do to help underprivileged people all over the world. We raised the grand total of £307. Thank you to everyone who supported this great cause. 

Red nose day 2019.MOV


Year 2 School Trip

Year 2 children visited the Science Museum. During their visit they toured the museum, and enjoyed using the interactive tools. They also saw a performance of the Three Little Pigs.

End of term Tournaments - Football and Dodgeball

At the end of each school term, students at furness have the chance to take part in sports tournaments. This is an excellent way to consolidate skills learnt throughout the term, and a great opportunity to develop healthy competitions across the school with a very strong PE and PSHE theme but also to reward children for their hard work and to challenge all the talent we have in school. To enter, teams had to mix players from different year groups which added more cooperation between students. All children in Blue house had the chance to take part in a Dodgeball tournamnet in the last week of the term as a reward for collecting the most points.

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