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Welcome to Furness Primary School - Inspiring children to succeed.
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Welcome to Furness Primary

Furness Primary School aims to provide a safe and positive atmosphere which stimulates a working environment and where children can achieve high standards through a solid foundation of teaching across a creative and broadly balanced curriculum.  We endeavour to provide all of our children with the skills needed to develop positive attitudes, where mutual respect, values and sensitivity are nurtured within a culturally diverse community.

Christmas at Furness

There is plenty going on throughout the Christmas period at Furness Primary School - take a look at our December calender below!

xmas 17



Benchball for Red House

Congratulations to the Red House for winning the most points this term.

End of Term Tournaments

At the end of each school term, students at furness have the chance to take part in sports tournaments. This is an excellent way to consolidate skills learnt throughout the term, and a great opportunity to develop healthy competitions across the school with a very strong PE and PSHE theme but also to reward children for their hard work and to challenge all the talent we have in school. To enter, teams had to mix players from different year groups which added more cooperation between students. All children in RED house had the chance to take part in a Benchball tournamnet in the last week of the term as a reward for collecting the most points.

Football for year 3, 4 5 & 6

Congratulations to F2, Ethiopia and Real Winners for winning their year group Football Tournament.

Caboodle Theatre

Caboodle Theatre visited the school with a performance of Cinderella, as a special Christmas treat. All children from Reception to Year 6 had the opportunity to see the performance. 

Home Care visit


Christmas Around the World

Carol Service Introduction.mp4

In November at Furness


Brent Football League

Meet the Football Team. Eight of our most talented children in Football took part in a tournament for the Brent League. Furness played agains Princess Frederica and Salusbury. It was the first chance for our school to experience a Level 2 competition this academic year to show what we have been practising. They played very well despite the result

Furness 0 - Princess Frederica 0

Furness 0 - Salusbury 2


Road Safety Week

For Road Safety Week this week, we had two cycling instructors to come to our school to talk to our children about being safe on the road. Roads are like the veins and arteries of our bodies. They are the link between different places. Roads can be busy places, roads can be noisy places. More sadly roads can be places where sometimes accidents happen some of which are fatal. To increase awareness for how to be safer on our roads, we have invited two cycling instructors whose job is to actually teach children how to travel safely on the road.

Our Children in Need day was another big success again this year with the majority of children and staff participating as best as they could. We had a fantastic assembly, focusing on how priviledge we are to have a school that we can come to each day and reflected on those children who do not. So far we have raised £330, with still a few more pounds to come in next week. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to look like naughty school children, EYFS who arrived in their PJ's and looked soooo 'cute' and class 6AH who did a rendition of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'. We all looked very naughty but we were also very well behaved. Well done Furness!

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Sunday is on 12th November 2017.  As a school, we will be engaging in activities to remember those who have fallen. We will have an assembly on Friday 10th November 2017 where each class will have the opportunity to showcase their work. Each year group will look at remembrance in a specific country and the role the country played during World War 1, World War 11 or both. 

Reception- Australia

Year 1- New Zealand

Year 2- India

Year 3- United Kingdom

Year 4- South Africa

Year 5- Canada

Year 6- Caribbean

Anti-bullying Conference at the Brent Civic Centre

Sahar in Year 6AH, her father and Ciara in year 6HR along with Mrs Cooke attended the Anti-bullying Conference. Ciara presented her anti-bullying video and Sahar spoke about her poster to other Primary and Secondary schools is Brent.  Everyone was very impressed by the excellent work that they had achieved. We took part in workshops and Ciara explained at the end of the Conference that 'It is great to have conferences and talk about anti-bullying but we need to remember that bullying still goes on.  It is important that  we must always speak out if we see it happening'.

ANTI-BULLYING WEEK (School Project).mp4

In October at Furness

Park 2 Park Bike Ride


This was a mass ride for children from Brent schools. A total of 8 schools that have a history of cycling, either with Sustrans or have done bike ability have taken part in this event. It was to celebrate what the children have learnt and for them to show off their new skills to the public. Two cycling instructors were allocated to each school who snaked the children to the starting point - ROUNDWOOD PARK. The ride finished at Gladstone Park where a picnic was provided for the children. The children then went back to school in their separate groups. We had the chance to meet the Brent police who assisted in making the gathering safer.

Steel Pan Workshop

October is Black History Month and we celebrated this at Furness with a Steel Pan worksohp, which all the children were involved in. There will be lots more activities and fun events as we continue to celebrate this special Month


Balance Bike Training

Years 1 and 2 children are taking part in balance bike training in September 2017. Developing important skills for life and having fun while learning is very much how this course has been delivered to them. 

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