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Week Overview

Hello 4OY and 4MS, 


I hope you are all well and safe. I have been checking and responding to those of you who have done the work. However, this week I  have noticed that the work set is not completed. 

This week I want you to catch up on the work you have not completed. You must complete all the activities set on DB Primary under things to do. 


Once you finish the work  on DB Primary I would like you to e-mail me  about the following: 

  • What you enjoy eating, watching and doing? 
  • What things or people you have missed? 
  • What you can't wait to do again? 
  • Hopes you have for next year. 


Moreover, I would like you to keep an open diary, so when you return to school you can share some special days that you have experienced. 

I will also e-mail you a fun quiz on DB Primary, have a look at it and try the quiz on yourself; then send me your answers. You may even want to try the quiz with family members in your household. 


If you have any questions please e-mail me. 


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