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Intercultural Understanding

The British council has recognised our internation work and we have been granted the foundation level of the international school award. This is what the British council stated:

Dear International Co-ordinator,

We are delighted to inform you that Furness Primary has successfully met the criteria for the British Council International School Award. Congratulations!

Here are the assessor’s comments on your application. Please read them carefully and take any constructive feedback into account as you progress along your International School Award journey:

"Furness Primary has successfully achieved the Foundation International School Award. You have an international partnership with a school in Spain and your pupils have completed some collaborative activities. This partnership will provide useful opportunities for your pupils to learn about a different country and culture, as well as improve language skills. It is clear from your introductory summary that you have a number of global education activities taking place, engaging all your pupils, which puts you well on the way to achieving the Intermediate Award. Well done and good luck with all your future international activities. "


ISA Certificate



European Day of Languages 2023-2024

Our lovely and dedicated parents came to school to teach their own language to the children. We learned some words, phrases and songs in Portuguese, Ukrainian, Arabic, Albanian, Twi, Italian and Farsi. Furthermore, we learned about cultural aspects of some countries and we discussed colonialism.


 Flamenco workshop December 2022

Flamenco workshop 1
Flamenco workshop

Spring Term 2022

In Spanish year 3 has been reading out loud the book Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? and they have created their own version


This term year 4 has been reading out loud and acting out We are going on a bear hunt. They learned part of the story off by heart!!!


Year 5 wrote a letter in Spanish to our pen-pals in Spain.


Partnership with a Spanish School

Video call

At Furness children make great progress in Spanish: from learning the vowels in Reception to describing an image in year 5

Children talking about hobbies in Spanish.


"Everychild is an artist", Pablo Picasso

In year 3 we have been creating expressionist portraits, inspired by his work and practicing parts of our faces in Spanish.


Children singing in Spanish

Year 1 Feliz Navidad.AVI

In year 4 we have been creating poems about Peace. Students created a song to go with the topic.

La Paz es-peace is.AVI

Children learning how to use a bilingual dictionary.​

Spanish Links


This is the website the school is subscribed to, but some videos are available for free.



This is very popular and intriguing series for upper KS2 children



The Xmas carol we will be learning this year.


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